Daniel, an awkward yet sincere father of two teenage daughters, attempts to relate to them by teaching ‘important’ life lessons, only for them to backfire and teach Daniel a thing or two about practising what you preach.
Brett Tinning
Matt Wilson
Ellena Paskevicius

Daniel, is an awkward yet loveable older father of two challenging teenage daughters. Feeling the need to compete with the ‘perfect’ father across the road, Daniel sets out to teach his daughters life’s most important lessons in an unconventional way. This only seems to segregate him more, causing both him and his daughters to realize just how dysfunctional their family really is. In the midst of the drama, they finally come together and begin to appreciate the peculiar way their family works whilst also discovering that not all is what it seems with their ‘perfect’ neighbour.

  • ‍Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (Vic & Tas) (2015) - Silver Award
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