My Darling Alex

A former underworld enforcer falls upon a brutal path of vengeance after his partner, a determined police detective, is tortured and killed by the ambitious leader of a ruthless crime syndicate.

Director - Wilson Huang

Producer - Brett Tinning & Zoe Couper

Cinematographer - Rod Th’ng


International Shorts (2019)

Florence Film Awards (2019) - Best Action Film

Sydney Independent Film Festival (2019)

Marina del Rey Film Festival (2019)

Skiptown Playhouse Int Film Festival (2019)

Jelly Fest (2019) - Semi-Finalist

Goldendoor Int Film Festival (2019)

Austin Action Festival (2019)

Action on Film Int Film Festival (2018) - Runners Up Best Visual Effects, Nom. Best Action Sequence, Nom. Best Male Action Performer, Nom. Best Supporting

Oregon Short Film Festival (2018)

Silver Scream Festival (2018) - Best Editing

London Independent Film Awards (2017) - Best Action/Crime Short

Best Shorts (2017) - Award of Merit Special Mention - Short Film